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Graduate Programs

Our graduate degree programs give you the critical knowledge and skills necessary to take the next step in your professional life. Combining hands-on-experience with real-world application, our faculty provide a unique opportunity to learn from professionals who share their vast experience and expertise inside and outside of the classroom.

Graduate level classes, which start every six weeks, are offered as:

  • Graduate Certificate
  • Master in Business Administration (M.B.A.)
  • Master of Science (M.S.)
Accounting On-Campus, OnlineBusiness
Business Analytics On-Campus, OnlineBusiness
Business Analytics On-Campus, OnlineBusiness
Engineering Management On-Campus, OnlineEngineering
Engineering Management - Information Systems On-CampusEngineering
Global Health Leadership OnlineBusiness
Global Health Leadership OnlineBusiness
Global Health Leadership OnlineBusiness
Health Care Administration OnlineBusiness
Health Care Management OnlineBusiness
Human Resources On-Campus, OnlineBusiness
Human Resources Management OnlineBusiness
Management OnlineBusiness
Management On-Campus, OnlineBusiness
Management On-Campus, OnlineBusiness
Marketing OnlineBusiness
Marketing On-Campus, OnlineBusiness
Organizational Leadership OnlineBusiness
Organizational Leadership OnlineBusiness
Professional Studies On-Campus, OnlineBusiness
Project Management OnlineBusiness
Project Management On-Campus, OnlineBusiness
Psychology OnlineArts and Sciences

Additional Offerings

  • MBA/M.S. in Management Dual Degree
  • MBA/M.S. in Engineering Dual Degree
  • 4+1 MBA
  • 4+1 M.S. in Management
  • 4+1 M.S. in Organizational Leadership
  • 4+1 M.S. in Psychology

More information on our 4+1 programs can be found on our academics website.

Ph.D. program

Information about our Ph.D. program in Global Leadership can be found on the Ph.D. website.