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You can find the full list of academic regulations on the catalog website:

“No Show” Withdrawal

Students are required to access the Blackboard course they are enrolled no later than the end of the first week of the class as a proof of course participation. Failure to complete this task will be treated as a “no show” and result in an administrative withdrawal from the class.

Returning Course Materials

Students who drop from a course are required to return the supplied course materials within two weeks of the withdrawal date. All returned materials should be in good condition. Students will be charged $150 for not returning the course materials or for materials that cannot be redistributed (activation code had been redeemed, sealed CD or software package had been opened, etc.)

Course Evaluation

Your opinions count! In addition to the course specific requirements, you are required to participate in the course evaluation as an Indiana Tech distance learning student. The Office of Distance Education pledges that, as a participant in the survey, your identity is kept confidential and the results will only be used for the intended purpose.

Like any on-campus class, it is essential for your professor to hear from you regarding your online learning experience in this class. Your responses to the course evaluation questions are important in order for the course instructor to assess the effectiveness of instruction and to improve instructional delivery.

Your participation in the course evaluation is anonymous to the course instructor. The course evaluation results will be made available as “group data” to the course instructor only after the professor has submitted the course grades to the registrar’s office. Your identity is confidential. The course evaluation is available during the final week of a course session.